Located off Sumatra is the Indonesian Island of Sipora. This is the heavenly location of our all-inclusive surf resort, Hollow Tree's. While it might be the smallest of the Mentawai Islands, Sipora is actually the most developed of the four. It is the sublime scenery, island conveniences, and impressive ocean swells that lure surfers and nature lovers to this stunning island year-round. Approximately 1/4 of the island's original rainforest remains on the island, allowing visitors to soak up unspoilt views on an outdoor adventure.
Lance's right


Wrapping around the island's southern end is the famous Lance's Right wave, also known as Hollow Tree's. Of course, this wave is the inspiration behind the name of our surf resort in the Mentawai Islands.
It is not the only barreling wave you can brave when you visit this world-class surfing destination, however. The Surgeon's Table and The Office are two sections of reef that attract daredevils with their "top five waves in the world" status.


Home to various species of marine life, such as the Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish (just like the fish off the animated movie Finding Nemo), Sipora Island is an idyllic snorkeling spot.


Go off the beaten path on a hiking trip around the island, where unexpected walkways will expose untouched valleys and mountains. Wear comfortable shoes on a trekking adventure in the direction of hidden waterfalls, dense rainforest, and lush green rice fields.


If meditation is your kind of thing, let the serenity engulf you as you participate in a Yoga session. Beginner, intermediate, and expert Yogis can get practice poses on a daily basis, whilst looking out onto the wave that was discovered back in the 70's and has since been described as "one of the world's finest waves".

If you are interested for yoga classes, please let us know in advance, so we can arrange accordingly.


Traditionally, islanders would kayak on vessels carved out of a tree trunk. Get on one of our kayak and navigate the waters in a simple kayak to witness what the locals see!

Stand Up Paddle

On flat days, there are always things to do. Why not paddle out around the islands for a memorable ocean experience. 
When the surfing conditions aren't quite right at HT's, simply arrange a boat trip to the some of Mentawai best barrels at Padang. The Hollow Tree’s Resort team can aid you in reserving your space on the speedboat or fast ferry, Just remember to bring your surfboards, sunblock, board shorts, and bikini!