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Frequently Asked Questions
How to get to Padang?
***For travel restrictions and further information on what is required to travel towards us, please contact us.

You would need to take a flight to Padang in Sumatra (Minangkabau International Airport) either via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta. Below are airline options to above destinations:
  • Air Asia
  • Sriwijaya Air
  • Garuda
  • Lion Air
  • Citilink Air
  • BatikAir
Once you get to the airport our resort representative will be waiting for you holding the sign “Hollow Tree’s Resort” - you then will be transfered to your accommodation in Padang.
Why do I need to stay overnight in Padang?
Depending on which travel option you choose (see the answer to question 3.) - if you choose option 1, you would need to spend two nights in Padang - one night on arrival and one night on return. As there are no flights connecting with the ferry schedules, the ferry only departs 4 times a week and once a day - at 7.00 am Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and at 10.00 am on Sundays.
How to get to the resort from Padang?
There are 2 options to get to the resort.

Option 1: Ferry to Tuapejat
For surfers: $300 USD per person (roundtrip) / Non-surfers: $270 USD p.p (roundtrip)

This is recommended for solo travellers, couples or a couple of friends. If you choose this option, you will need to arrive in Padang the night before the day of the ferry departure. Please view our "itinerary" for clear detailed instructions. Or email us!
Once you arrive at the ferry terminal there will be a speedboat to deliver you to the resort.

  • From Padang to Tuapejat 3.30 hours
  • Tuapejat to Resort: 1.15 - 1.30 hours
Option 2: Private speedboat service straight to the resort ($5,000 USD - roundtrip) 
This option can be arranged for big groups (up to 14 people). This is the most convenient option and can be arranged to suit any connecting flight schedules to/from Padang - arriving in Padang before mid-day.

* The transfers might be rescheduled depending on the weather conditions.
How are the ferry condition?
The ferry provides AC, toilets, snacks and water. There is also an outdoor seating area, if you want to get some fresh air. It is still in a very good condition and very clean.
Where should I stay in Padang?
We recommend staying at Mercure hotel, Oxville hotel, The ZHM Premier Padang or Budget Hotel by the harbour.  We advise to booking through or other available booking sites.

For convenience, we advise booking with The budget hotel by the harbour as it is directly in front of the boat harbor where the ferry departs. You can literally just walk to the boat harbor the next morning. But if you are searching for more comfort, we definitely recommend the other hotel options. 
Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance is mandatory according to the resort policy. We advise getting travel insurance that covers travel delay, baggage delay, emergency medical and dental, emergency, medical transport and evacuation, and travel accident insurance. You can never know what might happen to you. - During a surf session, flight delays, covid relates issues or personal health. We recommend:  Safety WingsWorld Nomads, G1G Travel insuranceSurf Travel insuranceCover MoreIndo Surf.

How long can I stay in Indonesia?
Indonesia has allowed all foreign travellers with valid visas to enter the country. However, they will need to show proof of vaccination and undergo quarantine for 5 x 24hrs. If the traveller has only received only one dose of vaccination, then they must quarantine for 7 x 24hrs.

The visa types allowed to enter are as follows:
  • Work permits
  • Business visas
  • Permanent residence holders
  • Visit visas
  • Diplomatic visas
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card (KPP APEC)
  • Traditional Border Crossing Pass
*** Visa on arrival services is still suspended until further notice ***
What happens if my flight or my boards didn’t make it through?
We haven’t experience this just yet, but if this does happen - no matter at what time you arrive at the airport or if you have any kind of delay, there will be someone waiting for you at the airport. Once we have received your flight details, we give these details to our resort representative - that will be picking you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel and the boat harbor and return. We would get the boards delivered to the resort on the next ferry.

Health & safety

What type of health precautions should I take?
  • Most travelers usually update their tetanus and hepatitis shots before traveling to any remote region of the world.
  • Malaria is a reality in some parts of Indonesia including the Mentawai Islands; consult your doctor for more information.
  • If you take a prescription medication make sure you bring the necessary paperwork that goes with it in case of an emergency.
  • If you are prone to seasickness please bring something to counteract its effects such as Dramamine.
  • For more information, please consult your doctor.
Should I be concerned about malaria?
Malaria has been eradicated in the area, but there is always a slight risk. At the resort we provide mosquito nets in the rooms, mosquito repellent, we usually advise guests at night time to wear long clothing to protect themselves getting bitten. It is a matter of personal choice whether to take anti-malarial medication. The best policy is to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.
Do you have any Tsunami warnings or an evacuation plan?
There is an evacuation route behind the resort in to the Hills. The village has a siren tower to warn in cause of tsunami hazard.
Should I be concerned about the Tsunami?
We are located on the east coast so the risk of Tsunami is much lower.
Is the location child friendly?
Yes, the area is very child friendly. The resort provides its own private dip pool (approx. 1.20m deep) in front of every villa where the child can swim under supervision of their parents. We are surrounded by jungle, ocean and nature. You can swim in the ocean in the calm lagoon that is located directly in front of the resort, literally a stone throw away. We also provide a bed cottage for your children under 4 years old - if requested.

Surf related & other services

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What kind and how many boards should I bring?
On average you should bring at least 2-4 boards on a surf trip. In case you break or damage one or two. Most people bring 2 standard short boards and 1 bigger board for when the swell gets big, it’s always a good idea to check the swell forecast before you plan a surf trip.
Do you provide any board rentals at the resort?
Yes, we do! Check out our Awayco page for more info.
Can I buy a surf board at the resort?
Yes, you can! We now have a surf shop where you can purchase a brand new surfboard, second surfboard, wax, zinc and other surf essentials or souvenir to bring back home for your loved ones!

We can also help order a custom surfboard for you and have it delivered to your doorstep in the Mentawais. We have partnered up with Onboard Store in Bali. You can preorder your custom boards and have them delivered within 14 - 21 days.

Surfboards are:
  • Channel Islands
  • Chris Christenson
  • Sharp Eye
What happens if I break my board at the resort? - Do you provide ding repairs, etc.?
Yes! We do all the ding repairs, board repairs (crease, partial snap, full snap or fin plugs).
Can you give me an idea of the crowd in the water?
Crowd varies on the season and on the amount of boats. Mostly crowds are friendly and rarely over 20.
Do you offer speed boat shuttles to the HTS wave or nearby destinations?
Unlimited speedboat trips is included in the rate to bring you to your desired destination. Nearby known waves that are surrounding us are; Lances Left, Beach break, Monkeys or Bintangs. 
Do you offer speed boat service to other destinations?
Yes, we do offer a speedboat service to other destinations, with an extra cost of 100 USD per person - roundtrip. This includes; snacks, drinks and food. We can only organize this service with a group of minimum group of 4. To waves such as:
  • Macaronis
  • Telescopes
  • 7 palms
  • Ice land
  • Scarecrow
  • Gilligans aka Batcaves (recommended for snorkelling, cliff jumping & beach picnics)
How far away is HTS from the resort?
HTS or also known as Lances right is literally located directly in front of your door step. It is a 3-minute paddle to the wave.

Information about the resort and what we offer

Can I celebrate a special occasion at the resort?
Yes, of course you can. We would love to organize and celebrate with you, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or anything. Please do let us know in advance, so we can organize for you accordingly.
Do you have fishing and/or diving gear at the resort?
We do not have diving gear, but we do certainly have fishing gear and snorkelling equipments. All guests may use all the resort facilities and activities for free - please view our “Activities” section for more info.
Is there a photographer or videographer available at the resort?
Let us know if you wish to have your photos/videos taken of your surf session. Prices depends the amount of footage & the photographer available on site!
We require guests to bring their own hard drive or flash drive.
How is the internet situation at the resort? - Can I check my emails?
At the resort we provide satellite internet, each guest gets 2.5GB of internet for free per week. Once you have run out, you can purchase more. Our internet speed on average is about 15 - 25 Mbps. This is fast enough to do emails, audio calls, youtube, etc. But please bear in mind that we are located in a very remote area, so if the weather is bad (rainy or cloudy), the internet might slow down.
Can I make phone calls at the resort?
On the island we do not have any phone reception, but there are other options you can stay in touch with the outside world such as; WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.
How much money do I need to bring? - Do you accept credit cards at the resort?
For payments at the resort - you can either pay in cash, local wire transfer/ or credit card. For credit card payments, we only accept Visa or MasterCard with an additional 3% fee or GPN (local cards) with a 2% fee. If you do not have a credit card, we recommend bringing extra cash. Or setting up a account before coming here, as we do not have any phone reception here. Depending on your bank, sometimes they require SMS to verify your payment. Which would not work here. We prefer IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) but we also accept USD, AUD or EUR currencies.

Most guests bring extra money for the following reasons: 
  • Souvenir money = $20 USD
  • Surf shop = $10 - $840 USD
  • Drinks & alcohol = $1 - $60 USD per drink
  • Massage = $10 - $28 USD
  • Laundry = $1 USD per piece of clothing
  • Yoga packages = $50 - $150 USD (depending how many days)
  • Photography service = $150 - $350 USD (depending on the length of your stay). Please bring a USB, hard drive or Laptop to receive the footage.
What kind of food do you offer at the resort?
Our restaurant concept is a French, Thai and Indonesian cuisine. For breakfast you can expect the standard eggs & bacon, pancakes, fruit salad, homemade granola and homemade jams.

For lunch & dinner, we offer a buffet style on the table, where we all eat together on a big table. Lunch time you can eat anytime between 12 pm - 2.30 pm, there is no fixed time, you can go for a little surf or an adventure during the day. And for dinner we usually all eat together at 7.45pm - served with a starter, main and dessert.

So far all our guests have been very satisfied with our quality and standards of our food, we are very proud!
Mentawai Islands Culture
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