Deus Boys
Surfing HT's 2017

THE BEST SESSIONS FROM the Deus boys at Ht's

The reef-bound tree that gave Hollow Tree's a legendary name may no longer exist, but the resort remains as popular with surfers now as it was when it was first discovered back in the early 70's.
Also known as Lance’s Right, the scene is set on a 150-meter expanse of coast, where four plush villas are scattered across the sand.

Overlooking the immense swell, Hollow Tree’s is a combination of luxury and adventure.

It is this, not to mention the fact that it is based on the once isolated Mentawai Islands, that lures surfers from all corners of the globe to “HT’s”.

The Location

For the Deus boys, it was this picture perfect image that
enticed them to the surfer’s paradise earlier this year. 
A stark contrast in comparison to their typical Balinese playground, Hollow Tree’s has an undeniable air of exclusivity to it. Don’t expect the sandy shore to be crammed with sun-seekers and the water to be saturated with surfers, because this beachfront resort in South Sipora has a sleepy vibe that is undisturbed, except from the sound of crashing waves right on its doorstep.

The Experience

Hollow Tree’s lived up to its reputation as being a laid-back surf resort since there were just three other surfers staying at HT’s when the Deus boys checked in. One of these surfers was Benjamin Sanchis, accompanied by two of his personal photographers. Prior to visiting the resort, Sanchis and his photographers were cruising on the King Millenium boat charter - an Australian built aluminium catamaran.

The Journey

After meeting in Bali, the Deus boys immediately hit it off. They ventured from the island to Padang, which they accessed by plane. An overnight stay in a hotel ensued, before they hopped on a ferry the following morning and made their way to Hollow Tree’s resort.

Just three hours later, they had arrived at their final port - Tuapejat. From here, they would spend one hour and a half on a speedboat, before arriving at their final destination.

Brimming with excitement, the boys had been anticipating a surfing trip to HT’s for quite some time, and this was it.
Shortly after dropping off their bags, it was time for the Deus boys to shout “Cowabunga!” and take the almighty drop into the waves, which ranged in size from 5-6 feet
I grew up through the late 90’s and early 2000’s and watched more photos of this wave that any other in Indonesia. I always dreamt of surfing it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I still watch September Sessions on the reg. Part of me wanted to avoid the place, it featured in so many films and magazines. But now that I’ve been and surfed it all that’s changed is the clarity of the dream.
Harrison San
The island’s famous dog, Tubo, is a big fan of the ocean, as well as those who visit Hollow Tree’s to surf in it. Recounting their time spent with the cuddly pooch, the Deus boys said Tubo was the “friendliest and sweetest dog on the island”.
Surfing aside, the boys set off on bike rides through the untouched jungle in search of exotic beaches and lesser known breaks, such as Shipwrecks and the Point. Capturing Harrison and Lewie’s escapades were two photographers and one videographer.
Luckily for the Deus boys, they were able to experience Hollow Tree’s with minimal cuts and reef scrapes, which they described as a “Mentawai tattoo”. Harrison was the unluckiest, breaking three boards whilst carving with coconut tree views.