Sunrise Sessions: Experience the Beauty and Serenity of Early Morning Surfing

Many surfers swear by the joys of sunrise surfing, affectionately known as dawn patrol. Some praise it for the lighter early morning crowds while others simply appreciate the beauty of being in the ocean during sunrise. Starting the day with surfing can also boost your mood and energy before work, school, or other tasks.

This article is to enlighten you about the beauty, serenity, and benefits of early morning surfing and one of the best places in the world to enjoy a sunrise session.

Embracing Solitude: Finding Peace in Early Morning Swells

Early Morning Swells: Where the rhythmic dance of waves meets the serenity of dawn.

Not everyone wants to wake up at 5 or 6 a.m. to exercise. That puts you in a good spot to score your favorite break with a small crowd. The natural tranquility of early morning also creates a more serene environment in the water, on the beach, and in the parking lot.

Sunrise surfs can also be meditative, giving you the freedom to connect with the ocean in a more secluded setting. The morning is a peaceful time to head out for a surf, offering more opportunities for relaxation, reflection, and connection.

Colors of the Sky: Painting a Picturesque Backdrop for Surfing

There’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise while riding a wave. The stunning colors and reflections on the ocean create an unrivaled beauty at any other time of day. In our opinion, sunrise sessions are even more visually appealing than sunset.

Morning Rituals: Preparing Mind and Body for Sunrise Surfing

A sunrise surf session gives you time to yourself, in the ocean, and without any distractions. It’s one of few places in the world where phones still can’t go, and surfers are happy to keep it that way.

Sunrise sessions warm up your body and mind for what lies ahead. The mood boosts you feel from surfing are partially due to the exercise you perform. Exercise reduces endorphins that can boost your mood and energy for tackling after-surf activities.


Serene ritual before riding the morning waves

The Coastal Canvas: How Sunrise Enhances Surfing Aesthetics

Sunrise is one of the most picturesque times of day, especially when you’re in the ocean. The soft morning light also improves visibility, making it easier to see the best waves, avoid other surfers, and catch the wave of the day.

In addition to safer lighting, the sunrise creates a visually stunning experience with unique reflections off the water and unique hues of orange and pink. Surfing at sunrise means taking in an immense amount of natural beauty to start your day. This can provide a greater appreciation for your surroundings, whether you’re on a surf trip or surfing near home.

Surfing into the Day: Balancing Sunrise Sessions with Daily Life

An epic sunrise session can make your day. Getting up early and heading out for a surf maximizes your time, leaving the rest of the day to tackle other tasks. While surfing, you’re engaging in exercise, social interaction, and outdoor time. These are all factors that contribute to superior overall well-being.

You may also choose to enjoy sunrise surfing as a family before the obligations of school and work take over. It can be an ideal time to bond and start the day by performing a positive physical activity together. Sunrise sessions can bring balance and peace to your life, helping you handle the day’s tasks more calmly and with a more positive attitude.

Other Benefits of a Sunrise Surf

Several additional benefits make sunrise one of the best times of day to surf. Temperatures are cooler in the mornings and the sun’s UV rays are not as strong or harmful. Surfing in the morning is safer for your skin and can help prevent overheating due to performing physical activity in high temperatures.

Avid surfers also find focusing easier while surfing in the morning hours. Surfing at a more popular time of day means crowds can be heavier, making it more difficult to focus. Heavier crowds can also be dangerous as collisions become more likely.

Discover Majestic Morning Surfing at Hollow Tree’s Resort

Hollow Tree’s Resort: Where the waves whisper tales of adventure beneath the rising sun.

Whether you embark on your next surf trip with friends, or family, or on a solo mission, there’s arguably no better place in the world to enjoy a sunrise session than at Hollow Tree’s, Mentawai. Hollow Tree’s is a world-famous barreling right-hand wave that gives many surfers the best waves of their lives.

Located right in front of the wave is Hollow Tree’s Resort. This luxurious oasis serves as the perfect jumping point for all your local surf adventures. Dawn patrol sessions are a breeze when you roll out of bed to see one of the world’s top five waves peeling away.

If the tide isn’t quite right for a dawn patrol session at Hollow Tree’s, the resort is a short drive, walk, or boat ride from numerous other waves, including Lance’s Left, Cobras, BinTangs, and a beginner-friendly beach break. Early morning sessions near Hollow Tree’s Resort tend to be remarkably uncrowded, and you may even find yourself alone in the water at some spots.

Whatever your surfing level may be, you can enjoy all the benefits of a sunrise session minutes or even seconds from Hollow Tree’s Resort.

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