Our green foot-print

On arrival, you will be given a Hollow Tree's Resort reusable bottle. Just refill it as many times as needed with the water dispenser in your room and return it at the end of your stay.

As our water comes from our own source it is important to continuously look after it. This is why our policy is to change bed linens every fifth day of our guests stay, unless asked otherwise.

Also, we do not change bath and beach towels systematically but only on demand.

All bathroom include bar soaps and refillable shampoo dispenser, so we get the least packaging possible.
1st commandement : You shall not use plastic straws !

In fact, even if you wanted you couldn't.
We use Papaya straws as much as we can, and only have paper straws as back ups.

2nd commandement : You shall eat local as much as possible !

We encourage the local community to grow fresh fruits and veggies. Then, we are able to help the local economy, get more kids to afford school, and enjoy the freshest food! 

3rd commandement : You shall compost for life !

Still in compost noobs, but we are committed to compost all food scraps and garden old leaves into new soil. This soil will feed the flower gardens and fruit trees around the hotel.
around the resort
The resort has been renovated to expose natural wood furniture. All of our bed frames, benches, tables and artifacts have been designed and created on the island, showing deep wood knowledge of the Mentawai people and encouraging the local economy.