Surfing Stretches: Prepare your body to Surf

Surfing is one of the water sports which requires strength, stamina, and flexibility. You have to surf the water for a considerable amount of time to get the best of the experience. It is perhaps one of the most demanding sports that targets all your body muscles. Don’t worry, there is some good news for you, as we came up with a list of some surfing stretches to prepare your body to surf quite easily. But before moving to the stretching exercises, let’s take a look at the benefits.

Benefits of Surfing Stretches

Surfing requires physical and mental stability. Especially as a beginner, you have to ensure that you develop the required muscle strength and flexibility before you hit the beach. Stretching gives you the kind of flexibility that you need for surfing along with the other benefits. It not only improves your posture while surfing but can also loosen your tight muscles. It can prevent potential injury and decrease muscle soreness caused due to surfing. That’s why stretching before your surfing session is recommended. We are here to share some expert-recommended surfing stretches which will make it a little easier for you. So without any further delay, let’s have a look!

The top 5 Stretching Exercises to Improve your Surfing

1- Arm Circles

Arm Circles

This is one of the most effective stretches for beginners. Arm circles can literally work wonders to prepare your body to surf. It tones your shoulder muscles and targets triceps and biceps. Arm circle stretch also works well for your upper back muscles. Make sure you do the stretch well and appropriately. It can significantly reduce the fat build-up and even distribute it equally.

How to do it: All you have to do is move your arms in the clockwise direction 10 to 20 times and slowly increase the frequency and then repeat it in the opposite direction.

2-Torso Twist

Torso Twist

Torso twist targets the middle and side abs also known as obliques by turning your entire upper body to the left and then right. This stretch engages your stomach muscles and gives flexibility to your upper body. Torso twists can prove to be highly effective for your body before you hit the lip.

How to do it: Stand straight and hold your arms in front of your body and rotate your torso to the left until in line, bring it back to the centre and then similarly, repeat to the left.

3- Kneeling Low Lunge

Kneeling Low Lunge

The low lunge pose is probably the most common stretch and yoga pose, perfectly suited for surfers and sportspeople of all ages and abilities. It is a highly effective pose to strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and groin. It eases the tightness of these core muscles and prepares your body for surfing. By doing this stretch you can achieve a full range of motion in the lower body before you go surfing.

How to do it: Step your right foot ahead, lower your left knee to the floor, sliding the foot back until you feel a nice stretch in the left hip and thigh, take a rest and then similarly, repeat to the left.

4- Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

One of the most popular stretches for all sportspeople and yoga practitioners around the world. It is also commonly known as Bhujangasana in the land of Yoga. It is a reclining back-bending stretch that targets your whole body by powering your inactive muscles. If you have never gone surfing, then doing this pose opens up your body and prepares your muscles. Start doing this stretch a few days before your surf trip to prepare your body. Experts recommend doing this stretch before a workout or running. It warms up your muscles and promotes blood flow.

How to do it: You have to lie down on your stomach and stretch your upper body backwards, with the help of your palms for strength and flexibility.

5- Kneeling Achilles Stretch

Kneeling Achilles Stretch

This one is perfect for your calf and Achilles. Kneeling stretches are extremely important for flexibility and to give you a range of motion of lower leg and foot muscles. Better calf and Achilles flexibility means you will be able to manoeuvre the surf waves well and enjoy without having to worry about injuries. Kneeling stretches give you the unrestricted and pain-free movement of the lower body. It plays a vital role in reducing the chances of common limb injuries.

How to do it: Kneel on one foot and place your body weight over your knee. Keep your heel on the ground and lean forward. Ease into the stretch by slowly leaning forward. Hold the stretch position and then repeat with the opposite leg.

Final Word

Beginners often make the mistake of hitting the water without preparing their bodies and inviting injuries. But if you do these surfing stretches, you will achieve the strength and flexibility needed. Doing these stretches will not only prepare your body to surf better but also give you a much-needed boost in confidence. Apart from these stretches, we have also covered more surfing exercises in one of our previous blogs here. Just a few weeks of stretching and exercising can make you feel fit and healthy.

What are you waiting for? Start preparing your body for your next trip with these stretches right away.