Aquaphobia and How to Overcome the Fear of Surfing

Has the fear of water kept you away from surfing? You’re not alone; according to a study in Frontiers in Psychology, Aquaphobia, or a fear of water, affects about 2 to 3 percent of the world’s population (140 to 210 million). Aquaphobia can develop due to different reasons, such as experiencing a traumatic event or having a fear of drowning.

This fear of the water is common and even affects many surfers, from beginners to the GOATs like Kelly Slater. For people with aquaphobia, the thought of surfing can be scary, but it doesn’t have to control your life or keep you away from the thrilling, lifelong sport of surfing.

There are a few things you can do to overcome your fear. First, it’s important to understand your fear and what triggers it. Once you know that, you can confront your fear in a safe and controlled environment.

The experts at the Cleveland Clinic recommend meditation, yoga, and mindfulness training to reduce stress and help you relax before entering the water. Focusing on breathing, rather than fear, can keep you calm and increase your enjoyment.

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Building Confidence: Surfing Drills/Exercises to Boost Comfort in the Waves

Exercises to boost your confidence in ocean surfing.

All surfers have fear, at varying levels of severity. When you first start surfing, you may feel anxious when a two-foot wave rolls toward you on your longboard. Over time, you’ll become comfortable surfing in small waves and work up to larger ones.

All levels of advancement come with some amount of fear. Fortunately, there are several surfing exercises you can perform to combat stress and anxiety in the water.

  • Swim in the waves to better understand their force and currents.
  • Wait for your ideal wave, take it with confidence (no hesitation), and celebrate your victories, no matter how small.
  • Spend time sitting on your board in the lineup until you feel comfortable going for waves. Watch where others catch waves and how they do it.
  • Choose your favorite local beach, the one where you feel most comfortable and safe.
  • Set a goal for the day, whether it’s riding down the face of the wave without falling or making it out of a perfect tube.
  • Focus on your breathing when you feel fear arise.

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Essential Gear and Precautions for Fearful Surfing

Some cautionary surfing gear can help you feel more confident in the ocean. A top-quality surfboard leash is an essential piece of gear for any surfer, whether you have a fear of the ocean or not. The surfboard leash keeps the board close to your body, giving you a flotation device that you can pull toward you after a wipeout or cleanup set.

A quality surf helmet and surf impact vest, similar to a life jacket, can help a fearful surfer feel more confident in and around the ocean. Other pieces of surfing safety gear include reef booties, earplugs, and more.

However, remaining safe in the water relies most on trusting your instincts, being aware of your surroundings, and surfing within your limits. A surf instructor is also an invaluable safety tool for beginners.

Learning from Experience: Success Stories of Surfers Who Overcame Aquaphobia

Numerous world-famous surfers admit they previously or currently suffer from a fear of drowning, big waves, and other ocean hazards. Five of the most famous include

Best Surfing Spot in the World

One way to overcome your fear of the ocean and surfing is to visit a world-class surf spot with a qualified guide. Hollow Tree’s resort, minutes from the iconic Lance’s Right reef break in the picture-perfect Mentawai Islands, offers waves for all levels of surfers and the most qualified guides.

Our mission is to help you overcome your fears and experience your best surf getaway yet, whether you’re catching your first waves or looking to score double overhead tubes.

How HTs Can Help You to Overcome the Fear of Surfing

Adventure on the beach with our local surf guide

Hollow Tree’s Resort is a haven for those looking to conquer their fear of surfing. The resort offers a wide and supportive approach to help you build confidence and master the art of riding the waves.

Professional Instructors

At Hollow Tree’s, you’ll find highly skilled and experienced surfing instructors who are not only experts in the sport but also patient and understanding. They create a safe and encouraging environment for learners of all levels.

Gradual Progression

The resort’s location is right in front of one of the finest-right-handed waves in the world. Boasts a variety of wave conditions, including gentle ones ideal for beginners. This allows you to progress at your own pace, starting with on-land coaching before taking on smaller waves and gradually building up to more challenging ones.

Group Sessions

Learning to surf with others who share similar fears can be reassuring and motivating. Group sessions foster a sense of connection, making the experience less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Stress-Free Environment

The resort’s stunning natural setting and tranquil atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and learning. Enclosed by palm trees, powder-soft sand, and azure waters, our accommodation options have a homely feel that will make you feel comfortable when staying at the Hollow Tree’s Resort. The serene surroundings can help reduce anxiety and create a positive learning experience. A home away from home.

Positive Reinforcement

Instructors at Hollow Tree’s emphasize positive reinforcement, encouraging you to focus on your progress rather than any initial fears or setbacks. This helps build self-assurance and a can-do attitude.

Emphasis on Safety

Safety is a top priority at Hollow Tree’s Resort. You’ll receive comprehensive safety instructions and learn how to handle various situations, further boosting your confidence in the water.

In conclusion

Hollow Tree’s Resort is an ideal destination for overcoming your fear of surfing. With professional instructors, a supportive community, gradual progression, and personalized attention, you’ll be well-equipped to embrace the waves fearlessly and develop a lifelong love for surfing.

Don’t expect to be a pro surfer overnight. Just focus on taking small steps and gradually building your confidence.

With patience and persistence, you can overcome your fear of surfing and enjoy this amazing sport.

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