How to Surf Without Getting Tired

Surfing is one of the best water sports that may require some time and practice before you can master it. It can prove to be a thrilling yet tiresome experience, particularly when you are a beginner. It is exhausting, not just physically but mentally too.

Surfing is no less than intense exercise. It activates all your dormant muscles which we rarely use in our daily routine, and you are more likely to feel the heat in your first few sessions. So, is there any way to surf without getting tired?

Partially yes! Just master the tricks of this water sport, and there is no looking back. You will enjoy your surfing sessions as long as you follow some rules and tips from the experts. Let’s find out those expert tips and get less tired while surfing!

Take It Easy

Take it Easy, Surf Easy

Learning how to surf may take some time initially. Do not be hard on yourself. Surfing, for sure, is a tricky sport, but there are lots of versions to enjoy. The surf spots, the locations, time and the weather, unexpected waves, and not to mention, the surfboard. You will fall more times than you can imagine. It is going to be tough but certainly thrilling, so take it easy. Keep at it! Stay positive and follow a disciplined approach to make the learning experience less tiring (at least mentally).

Take Regular Breaks

Take Regular Breaks

Surfing can be a pretty steep learning curve. Beginners often make the mistake of not learning enough and sticking to it, which costs them more time and difficulties to learn this sport. Do not fall into that trap! Beginners need to spend more time than they think is right for them. Take regular breaks and get out of the waves to breathe some fresh air and stay hydrated, have a fresh coconut by the beach or cold water.

Surfing is Fun

Surfing is Fun

Any surfing pro will tell you how blissful the experience is. As long as you enjoy it and do it right, you are going to fall in love with this beautiful sport. Take it as fun, and you would find it less tiring. Focus on the skill and not the outcome. You would start earning the rewards when the time and conditions are right.

Join a Group or Mentor

Join a group or mentor

Being new to surfing can post some challenges and threats that you have absolutely no idea about. For that reason, it is always best to find a group or a mentor to expedite the learning. A friend or a mentor would help you speed up the learning curve quickly. Understanding the what and how of surfing, you are bound to be more confident and hence face less trouble in the water. Just follow the instructions and enjoy the learning process.

Keep it Light

Do not overindulge or fast before going surfing. Keep your food intake light. Keep some refreshments by your side, preferably juices so you stay hydrated when out in the sun. If you are surfing for longer, you would need something to munch on to. Make sure you make some arrangements for healthy items that can provide you with some energy like bananas, peanut butter, nuts, etc. What you eat also plays a crucial role in determining your energy level.

Follow the Surf Etiquette

You must pick a spot and a beach suitable for you. If you are a beginner, find a surf spot that doesn’t have high waves. It should be reliable and have steady waves to make the learning experience much easier. Do not rush to attempt the waves you have no idea about. It will only make it more tiring for you. Learn to read the waves and get a grip on yourself.

Surfing is undoubtedly one of the finest water sports out there. To enjoy it fully, you need to know the basics. Follow these steps, and you are likely to feel less tired. Hopefully, you would find this article helpful and gain some confidence to start learning. Time to enjoy your surf session! Get ready for some action!