Is Surfing Difficult to Learn?

Is surfing difficult to learn?
How dangerous is it?

This question pops up in every surf enthusiast’s mind and why not! It’s a valid question to ask before you go out and start your surf journey. But the answer from the experts is NO. It is not too difficult to learn or dangerous if you follow the basics. All you need in this sport is discipline. Ask any surfer, and they would tell you that as long as you follow the instructions and use your presence of mind, it is safe. The problem arises when people go overboard and end up doing things they shouldn’t. This article would clear your doubts and give you the much-needed information. Read further!

Learning Cycle or Learning Curve

Like any other sport, you will have to go through the surfing learning curve. There is no shortcut to this. Before you go out and start surfing, you should know this: surfing can prove to be one of the most difficult and deadly sports when you are not discipline. You need to educate yourself first about the various types of waves, and the process to read them. The learning curve does just that. It lets you reach that level where you are comfortable riding the waves.

Quality of your Surfboard and Its importance

Abraham Lincoln once said – “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” It holds for every game, and surfing is no different. You have to spend some time finding the right surfboard depending on your age, skills, and experience. There is a wide range of surfboards available in the market to choose from, and you should always get the one that makes learning easier for you.

Find a mentor

A journey is always easier when you have someone by your side to guide you. You can learn from their experience, avoid the mistakes that they made, and save yourself from facing difficulties. Mentors can help you cut down the time spent in learning the trade, significantly. So look around! If you know someone who has good knowledge, ask them for help.

Surf Spot and Waves

Want an unforgettable experience? Don’t rush! This is the step that can make your day or make it worse. You should only go for the waves that you feel you can comfortably face at the beginning. Ask any good surfer and they will tell you which wave you should ride first or what would be the best place to start. If you choose the right surf spot like surf in Mentawai, then hurray, half of your difficulty is gone!


Surfing is one of the best water sports to engage in. But you should not go overboard in excitement and always be cautious. It may seem to be difficult, but when you do it right and follow the discipline; you would learn the art of surfing with ease. Take your time and you will start enjoying surfing!