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How surfboard design impacts your surfing

A surfboard has the ability to make your surfing experience smooth and magical, or it can make it worse. There are many various surfboard designs and shapes available, and each has a significant impact on your performance and the overall experience you have. Having a basic understanding of the various shapes or designs of surfboards […]
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Surfing and its Brief History

How Has Surfing Changed Over The Years?

When we talk about surfing, we talk about technique, experience, boldness, and innovative maneuvers. Ask any surfer what they get by indulging into this sport, and their answer would be sheer Joy and Happiness because that’s what matters the most. It is estimated that there are over 20 million participants worldwide. Surfing has become one […]
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Learning Surfing

Is Surfing Difficult to Learn?

Is surfing difficult to learn? How dangerous is it? This question pops up in every surf enthusiast’s mind and why not! It’s a valid question to ask before you go out and start your surf journey. But the answer from the experts is NO. It is not too difficult to learn or dangerous if you […]
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