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Is It Safe to Surf Now

Is It Safe to Surf Now?

Since January 2020, the world has been stuck in a holding pattern, stalling life in every aspect due to COVID-19 and its potential to spread infection. It’s damn serious, as we’ve all seen and heard about multiple cases in every country and city around the world. However, some habits from frequent hand-washing to mask-wearing will […]
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Anatomy of a Surf Wave

The Anatomy of a Surf Wave

The tricks performed by the surfers amaze us. But little do we know that below the surface lies a raft of science, which is as impressive as the art itself. Be it professionals or just hobbyists, surfing as a sport is enjoyed by people from almost all walks of life, across the planet. You just […]
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Tips or ways to prepare for a surf trip

Tips to Prepare for a Surf Trip

Thinking of getting away on a surf trip? But first, you gotta prep up your body for all those fun days of surfing. Because all you do is eat, surf, sleep, and repeat! Yes, that’s life.  Follow these tips to prepare for a surf trip: Surf Prep 1: Build your Cardiovascular Strength If you workout […]
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