Surf Exercises That Will Improve Your Paddling and Posture

You want to become more confident and boost your performance in the ocean? As surfers, we spend most of our time paddling in the water. Let’s talk about exercises that will improve your paddling, posture, and overall surf performance to gain more energy and strength for the best surf sessions and create unforgettable moments. So, […]
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Surfing wind forecast

How the Wind Can Make or Break Your Surf Session

Can you relate? One session, you have this feeling that you’ve improved so much, and the next day, you feel like you’re back to being a kook. Don’t worry, it’s not always you. This is influenced by many elements, such as the current, swell, tide, and wind. We call these factors’surf conditions,’ and they all […]
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Surfing lessons

Surfing Etiquette: How to Share Waves and Respect Other Surfers

It’s an unwritten manifesto, etched in the hearts of those who share the joy of surfing. These surfing etiquettes illuminate the path to coexisting peacefully with fellow surfers, ensuring everyone gets their moment under the sun. Several pillars of surfing etiquette stand as a testament to the spirit of camaraderie that defines the surfing community. […]
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Surfing Lessons

Wisdom of Waves: What Surfing Teaches You About Life

Surfing isn’t just about riding waves; it could also be a metaphor for life’s journey, full of valuable lessons. Each wave and ride mirrors the challenges, triumphs, and unexpected turns we face in life. Surfing is a teacher, imparting wisdom about resilience, adaptability, and the joy of living in the moment. Guests at HT’s often […]
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Surfing Break

Why Do Surfing Waves Break on the Shore? How Waves Travel

Every day, in countless locations around the globe, surfers grab their boards and head to the sea. They hope to arrive and see perfectly peeling waves, ideal for making turns, getting tubed, or even launching airs. Surfing is a lifestyle, and it all revolves around waves, the tide, and weather conditions. This guide will help […]
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Aquaphobia and How to Overcome the Fear of Surfing

Has the fear of water kept you away from surfing? You’re not alone; according to a study in Frontiers in Psychology, Aquaphobia, or a fear of water, affects about 2 to 3 percent of the world’s population (140 to 210 million). Aquaphobia can develop due to different reasons, such as experiencing a traumatic event or […]
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Surfing Injuries and Treatments

Surfing is an extreme sport. And like other extreme sports, injuries can occur. Because surfing takes place in the ocean, other elements, like unwanted encounters with marine life and reef cuts, come into play. The more you know about surfing injuries, the better you can do to prevent them. This guide will help you understand […]
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Surfing Lances right Mentawai

Tips for Surfing Lance’s Right: First-Time Surfer’s Guide 101

Preparing for a trip to Lances Right is undeniably exciting. You know you’ll soon be surfing one of the most consistent right-hand barrels in the world. The uniquely world-class wave, also known as Hollow Tree’s, wraps around the southern tip of the Indonesian island of Sipora, creating postcard-worthy barrels wave after wave. The best way to experience Lance’s […]
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Surfing destination

Why HT’s Is the Ideal Destination for a Family Surf Vacation

A family surf resort is all about providing an enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable surfing experience for everyone in the group, from complete beginners to advanced tube riders. Today, we’ll tell you what makes Hollow Tree’s the ultimate place for a family surf getaway, from world-class right-handed waves and expert surf guides to mouthwatering cuisine, cozy […]
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