Tips to Prepare for a Surf Trip

Thinking of getting away on a surf trip? But first, you gotta prep up your body for all those fun days of surfing. Because all you do is eat, surf, sleep, and repeat! Yes, that’s life.

Follow these tips to prepare for a surf trip:

Surf Prep 1: Build your Cardiovascular Strength

If you workout already, try incorporating more cardio into your routine. Better yet, sign up for a surfer’s fitness class if you can. The cardio is to help in all over strengthening and respiratory endurance. This will enable you to ride the waves for longer periods without gasping for air.

Surf Prep 2: Build up your Paddling Endurance

An obvious way to build up your paddling endurance is to go out and surf on a daily basis. If that is not an option, working on your upper arm strength with weights will also do. Or just go to your local pool and do ample laps. This will build up some great paddling arm endurance for the great white waves ahead and you end up having a great surf trip.

Surf Prep 3: Yoga Time

Cardio is not your thing! Try Yoga. Yoga works on everyone and for everything, your balance, your core, your flexibility, your strength, your stamina, and not to forget your mental mind.

Surf Prep 4: Prep Your Digestive System

If you are travelling overseas to some surfing island like Mentawai, the cuisine may differ from your regular diet. Build some adequate protection for your belly by seizing some probiotics several weeks beforehand. This way your stomach will not rebel as much against what it normally may not be used to.

Surf Prep 5: Eat. Eat. Eat

Surfing is not only fun, it is also a full-body workout. A memorable week of nothing but surf, sand, and the sun will equal to a lot of calories burned. So, bulk up a bit and do not lose calories that you need to withstand the mighty waves so that your surf trip doesn’t leave you weak and exhausted.

Surf Prep 6: Leg Strengthening

Picture it, you are paddling out, you see the wave and then jump up to catch it! That requires leg strength. Run-on a treadmill. Incorporate a morning jog in the weeks prior to build up those leg and calf muscles. A substantial challenge is to take a sand run. Run some laps on the beach. The resistance in the sand will really give your legs the workout you’ll need for surfing.

Surf Prep 7: Balance Board Exercises

If you do not have a training board, and you love to surf, you’ll need one! There are home-bound board exercises and workouts that will prep your body perfectly for any and all surf trips or getaways. There are a bunch of videos on the internet and classes you can actually take.

All your surf strengthening exercises are done with board practice. Build your paddling strength with balance board push-ups, work on balance, core and leg strength with balance board squats. As a bonus, you can work on all your surfing techniques too. Workout on your board for a week or so prior to your Mentawai surf trip and you will be in surf shape in no time.

Surf Prep 8: Gather Some Excitement!

The Mentawai surf waves are summoning you. They fit all your surfing dreams, so don’t forget to get excited!

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