Top 10 Gifts for your Surfer Partner (V Day Special)

It’s very mainstream to give those lovey-dovey presents to your partner on every Valentine’s Day. Here’s a list of things that you can use as gifts for your surfer partner. You can even gift these to your partner who is planning to start surfing.

Watch: A simple surf watch is never out of date. Buy him a watch in his favourite colour that can withstand the most extreme outdoor pursuits. You can even opt for a tide clock which is essential to know how high or low the tide is.

Books: If your partner, who is also a book lover, would love to have some nice surf books as gifts. Books that have some history of surfing, or maybe of surfers sharing their experiences of surfing will be great options.

Board carrier: Sometimes it becomes tiresome to carry a surfboard before or after a thrilling surf session. And your partner can’t thank you enough every time she/he doesn’t feel the pain while carrying the board.

Surfboard: There are no other gifts for your surfer partner like a surfboard. May be your companion has been eyeing on that perfect surfboard, but is not able to afford it. You can gift a classic surfboard which will get the surfer inside her/him excited. If you have saved money for this day and want to go big, go for a surfboard.

Surfboard Rack: After getting done with surfing, a place to keep the surfboard is needed. A good rack will keep any size board safe. You must look for a rack that not just holds the board but also is a great display option because for a surfer his board no less than a prized possession.

Wet suit and accessories: Good surf gear is very important for surfers to fully enjoy their surfing. They are always in water, which is not good for the skin. So gifting a surf suit or wet-suit of perfect fit can never be a bad option. You can also consider boots, gloves, glasses, and leashes.

Wax and wax accessories: These are some small stuff that every surfer needs to clean their surfboard. You will get a lot of options online of wax and wax comb to choose from. You can even go to a nearby water sports retailer and buy these.

Self-care products: You can make a nice box of gifts for your surfer partner with some essential self-care products. Where a sunscreen with good SPF is a must, you can also include gentle exfoliators with rich oils for the body, gentle shampoo and conditioner that clean and save hair from harsh detergents and irritant formulations. Oil-based moisturizer spray for the lazy ones, ointment for burns, minor cuts, and even bug bites and an organic lip balm with SPF can add value to the box.

Surf map: You can get a foldable one or a poster version for the traveller inside your boyfriend, according to his requirement. You both can cover all these surf destinations together and spend quality time together. You can even get your own version printed if you didn’t find one of your choice.

Non surfing items: When low on budget, gift a customized coffee mug, a key-chain, or a neck piece to your partner. Some photographs from his/her surf trips, printed and framed, along with some surf quotes will make a good collage and also make him/her feel loved and special.

Apart from these gifts for your surfer partner, you can book an all inclusive surf resort in Mentawai for you two to have a nice “we time”, which you can cherish forever.


Image Credits: @eszt_