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Surfing destination

Why HT’s Is the Ideal Destination for a Family Surf Vacation

A family surf resort is all about providing an enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable surfing experience for everyone in the group, from complete beginners to advanced tube riders. Today, we’ll tell you what makes Hollow Tree’s the ultimate place for a family surf getaway, from world-class right-handed waves and expert surf guides to mouthwatering cuisine, cozy […]
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Surfing at Dusk and Dawn

Surfing at Dusk and Dawn

Ask any experienced surfer and they will tell you how thril some surfing experience is during Dusk or Dawn. It is perhaps the best time to ride the waves. Dawn is the early period right before sunrise, whereas dusk is the period between the evening twilight when the sunsets. There are plenty of good reasons […]
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Surfing FI

Surfing: A Male-Dominated Sport?

When we think of surfers, we think of men with laid back attitudes and chiseled abs, but rarely women. Surfing has long been a sport that was mainly male-dominated. But is it still a male-dominated sport, or have things changed? Struggles Female Surfers Face Despite the fact that the overwhelming number of surfers that we […]
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Surfing as the sun goes down

Night Surfing 101

Night surfing is a thrill that not many have experienced in their life. As surfing is already popular as a great way to exercise, to see what the world has to offer, and to really enjoy the ocean. Surfing during the day is of course the most popular, but night surfing is certainly gaining in […]
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Surfing and its Brief History

How Has Surfing Changed Over The Years?

When we talk about surfing, we talk about technique, experience, boldness, and innovative maneuvers. Ask any surfer what they get by indulging into this sport, and their answer would be sheer Joy and Happiness because that’s what matters the most. It is estimated that there are over 20 million participants worldwide. Surfing has become one […]
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Upcoming Surfing Competitions to Eye on

Upcoming Surfing Competitions Around The World

Surfing is a sport that is loved by millions and done across the year in warmer areas. There are plenty of professional surfing competitions and events that are held all year long in different parts of the world. For the one who is passionate and feels the call to surf, the ocean is open to […]
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Top Surfers to follow on instagram

Top Surfers in the World to Start Following Today

In a sea of passionate surfers present on Instagram, many share their inspirational surfing shots, garnering a massive following from it. These surfers are gaining attention for their remarkable surfing stunts, and you know what? Fans like you and me simply shower them with love on their posts. Below is a list we have carefully […]
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Reading a wave-Beginner Tips

How to Read a Wave: Tips for a Beginner

There’s no such secret way of learning how to read the waves. Assessing, and anticipating a wave is the hardest aspect of surfing. It takes lots of experience, practice, and many failed attempts. Anyone who is a pro surfer was once a beginner. Basically, reading a wave in the ever-changing and unpredictable water is almost […]
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Learning Surfing

Is Surfing Difficult to Learn?

Is surfing difficult to learn? How dangerous is it? This question pops up in every surf enthusiast’s mind and why not! It’s a valid question to ask before you go out and start your surf journey. But the answer from the experts is NO. It is not too difficult to learn or dangerous if you […]
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Top 10 gifts for your surfer partner (V Day special) All inclusive surf resort in Mentawai

Top 10 Gifts for your Surfer Partner (V Day Special)

It’s very mainstream to give those lovey-dovey presents to your partner on every Valentine’s Day. Here’s a list of things that you can use as gifts for your surfer partner. You can even gift these to your partner who is planning to start surfing. Watch: A simple surf watch is never out of date. Buy […]
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