Top Surfers in the World to Start Following Today

In a sea of passionate surfers present on Instagram, many share their inspirational surfing shots, garnering a massive following from it. These surfers are gaining attention for their remarkable surfing stunts, and you know what? Fans like you and me simply shower them with love on their posts. Below is a list we have carefully compiled of the top surfers in the world you should start following, today. Included in which are some of our favorite unsung heroes, along with the pros we assume you’re already following. Hit the follow button on some of these names to witness how they surf from paradise to paradise.

You never know who you might learn a trick or two from. So let’s get going!


Jordy Smith @jordysmith88

Does he need any introduction? We guess not! If you are a surf junkie then you would know who he is. But for any reason, if you are not following him then you should do it immediately. He is a world championship competitor from South Africa who travels to the most fascinating corners of the world to satisfy his surfing highs.

Asher Pacey @asher_pacey

Turning not so perfect waves to perfect surf waves with his extraordinary skills and making life out of chasing them around the globe, he is one of the most sincere guys. He rides beautifully curated surfboards, reflecting his journey through the boards. He is one of the most beloved stylist surfers.

Reubyn Ash @reubynash

By the time he was just 18, Reubyn Ash had earned 10 British titles to his name. He is perhaps one of the best surfers in the UK, or even Europe. He loves chasing waves after waves. Reubyn keeps sharing his surfing journey with his fans and followers. If you are someone who is searching for a passionate surfer then you just found one.

Lakey Peterson @lakeypeterson

Lakey Peterson is one of the most popular names among female surfers. She hails from the US and her account has a lot of action that she keeps sharing with her followers on a regular basis.

Malia Manuel @maliamanuel

Here is yet another entry by the female surfers because we believe women are equal to men in every way. Malia is based in Hawaii and has her own blog where she talks about beach life and wellness through active water sports. She keeps sharing amazing shots on her Instagram. You might want to follow her to witness the beauty of the beach.

Federico Vanno @liquidbarrel

Frederico is one of the unsung surfers who shares valuable advice and content through social media channels.  You can expect amazing and breathtaking images. So if you are pursuing some really nice actions and looking for tips then go follow him.

Teiki Ballian @saltedmemoirs

Teiki is a sailing nomad and completed circumnavigations twice. He has never been to any surf school and believes in self-learning. Follow him to learn more about his surfing skills and you would love it. He has mastered surfing in Mentawai Islands, one of the most beautiful and uncrowded surf spots.

Kelly Slater @kellyslater

Kelly has been named the best surfer of all time because of his epic role in this sport. He is a pro, a genius and a surfing legend with 11 world surfing championships. With over 1.8m followers, he keeps sharing some of his activities frequently.


We hope you enjoyed the list of passionate and extraordinary surfers. Happy Surf Surfing! 😉