How to Read a Wave: Tips for a Beginner

There’s no such secret way of learning how to read the waves.

Assessing, and anticipating a wave is the hardest aspect of surfing. It takes lots of experience, practice, and many failed attempts. Anyone who is a pro surfer was once a beginner. Basically, reading a wave in the ever-changing and unpredictable water is almost like predicting the future. Mere theoretical knowledge can’t be enough until you yourself get to the waters and try surfing. But you don’t have to worry! Here is our attempt to make this experience a beautiful one for you. In this blog, we would uncover some of the secrets, best practices, and expert advices so you can go prepared and get that much-needed confidence.

So, one of the most important questions that come to every beginner’s mind is how to read waves and position yourself. Let’s have a look at the key steps:


You have to, first of all, identify the types of surf breaks and go for the one that you are comfortable with. While on the board, just look at the horizon and as soon as you spot a chunk further out then try to see the highest part of the wave which is called Peak (the other parts we will discuss in a later blog), that’s usually the first place where a wave disperses. So you have to start your surfing session from there for a smooth ride, considering the fact that you are a beginner.


The sooner you identify the peak, the better are the chances to position yourself. You can decide and prepare accordingly. You should reach the peak before it breaks so you can find the long ride and start paddling to enjoy the distance.

Turn Around & Paddle Again

Now that you have identified the break and know where to start paddling from, you have to get into a proper position and then return. You should turn around so the surfboard faces the beach and paddle further. Get ready to sail it through like a pro. Oh wow! It is going to be one hell of a ride for you.

Where should you go if you are a beginner?

Now that you know how to start off, you must know where to start off. First of all you should opt for a surf resort which has world-class waves within a short boat ride, offers good services and let you experience the luxury.

There are a lot of surf spots in the world that offer panoramic views and great waves for surfers. But if you are looking for calm serene beaches, plan your surf trip somewhere in Southeast Asia. One such spot is the Mentawai Islands. Many beginners prefer surfing in the Mentawai Islands as their first destination to try their hands at surfing and other water adventures. You will find good types of waves in the Mentawai Islands to surf. The region offers breathtaking sights, pleasant atmosphere, and clear beaches. Throughout the Mentawai Islands, you are certain to find some rugged untouched tropical wilderness and also a variety of waves for surfers which is scattered along the reefs surrounding many islands.

So surfing in Mentawai Islands may prove to be a great option for you too if you are a first-timer or even a pro. The scenic beauty of the place is definitely going to take your breath away.