Surfing at Dusk and Dawn

Ask any experienced surfer and they will tell you how thril some surfing experience is during Dusk or Dawn. It is perhaps the best time to ride the waves. Dawn is the early period right before sunrise, whereas dusk is the period between the evening twilight when the sunsets. There are plenty of good reasons behind going surfing during these times.

Although we all know it’s quite difficult to leave our comfortable bed particularly on chilly winter days, according to pro surfers, that’s when the real fun begins. Surfers mainly choose surfing at dusk or dawn due to the quietness all around. They get a refreshing breeze on their face and they find perfect waves to ride on.

How are they different from each other in terms of waves and breaks?

How are they different from each other in terms of waves and breaks
The color of the sky and the quality of waves change at dusk and dawn. It is believed that there is increased activity in the ocean at dawn, and the quality of waves is different from that of daytime. While both dusk and dawn are perfect for surfers, you are likely to find more satisfaction from your surfing during the dawn. If you are a rookie then dawn is the perfect time to start, while surfing at dusk demands some experience.

The key difference lies in the intensity of the waves. Waves are said to become more aggressive after dusk. Visibility gets low, and you are likely to face higher waves. Therefore, it requires extra protective gear for safety and lighting. Pro surfers love challenges so dusk is their favorite surfing time.

Why is it better to surf at dawn and dusk as compared to other times of the day (benefits)?


The morning dawn period between 6-10 am is perfect for surfing because morning sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Moreover, it also helps you feel fresh, relieves stress, detoxifies the body, and elevates your mood. When you decide to surf during these periods, you are likely to feel happier and eat healthily. All of this aids your digestion and builds immunity. Morning surf also helps in building protection against many skin problems.

While, dusk has some other benefits too, such as better waves, peace, challenging scenarios, and unmatched surfing experience. Both the times are good to enjoy your surfing but, as discussed, dawns are perfect for beginner surfers while only pros surfers should go surfing at dusk because that’s when it gets challenging (read here for night surfing 101). It can be easily concluded that dawn is the perfect time for surfers as compared to other times of the day.

Is it dangerous to surf at dusk and dawn?

Surfing can prove to be dangerous, and there is no doubt about it. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and perseverance before you become a pro. It is always advisable to find yourself a mentor who can guide you and help you get out of the learning curve. Now let’s come to the question, whether surfing at dusk and dawn can be dangerous or not.

Well, the answer is yes. According to experts, surfing at dusk can be comparatively riskier due to low visibility as it is mostly dark all around. While the views are breathtaking and you are likely to make a beautiful experience out of it. But as far as safety is concerned, you need to exercise utmost caution (read here for how to stay prepared for night surfing). Make sure you are equipped with all the safety gear.

Surfers often have headgear with inbuilt light to improve visibility. Only the confident surfers should go out there and try surfing after the sunset. Surfing at dawn is good as long as you know the basics. There are many benefits of hitting the waves at dawn. Not only do you witness mesmerizing views of the beach and the sky but also, get the much-needed Vitamin D and fresh air in the morning.