How To Stay Prepared For Night Surfing?

When it comes to night surfing, preparation is key. It is not possible to make your surfing session successful without preparedness, and prior knowledge of the area. Perhaps you are someone who loves surfing and are fascinated by how the waves look during the night, so you also want to enjoy the experience yourself.

Although, night surfing may seem to be the most tranquil experience for a surfer, there are always some dangers related to it, whether you are a rookie or a pro. Don’t worry! Here we are discussing certain things in detail which you need to be aware of. We would uncover all the tips and expert advice in this detailed article here. So, let’s head straight to how you can stay prepared for night surfing and dodge all the dangers while enjoying your surf trip.

5 Ways to stay prepared for night surfing

Without any doubt, surfing at night can be dangerous as well as beneficial (read here for night surfing 101). There are a few things to keep in mind before going for night surfing and stay safe with these proven ways when you decide to explore the night waters.

1. Choose a spot carefully and study the Waves/Breaks

Study the wave breaks

One of the most important tasks for you is to choose the right spot depending upon your surfing preferences. Choose a spot which is well lit. Waves behave differently at night, so you should be familiar with the types of waves & surf breaks you might experience. The more you study and familiarise yourself, the better you get at it.

Try and find out about every section of the wave, where the rocks and the curves are. Experts advise doing some practice before you actually go out there. It would help you paddle out at night. Once you know the basics, you are all set to learn some new skills on those intense waves under the night sky. Night surfing can be one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences one can have.

2. You would need a Good Light Source

Good light source

The biggest challenge faced by surfers while night surfing is lack of visibility. When you have a head guard or lights headgear, then you are more likely to identify breaks nicely. You would be able to enjoy the surf better. Another option is utilizing the light of the moon, so you can plan your night trip around full moon for more visibility as long as there is a clear sky. It would help you spot the waves and notice other fellow surfers.

3. Surf with Close Friends

Friends Surfing

Surfing under the night sky is a breathtaking experience. But, it is always advisable to surf with people you know. You should never decide to surf alone particularly when you are a beginner. Try and find someone who has some expertise and somebody who can be in touch with you. Even better, Surf with your friends to celebrate your friendship while constantly looking out for each other.

4. Stay Safe Always

Sharks and other sea creatures are usually more active at night. Chances of you encountering one of them are odd, but you should always be prepared. Wear proper gears to cover yourself from any cuts or bruises. If you already have any cuts or wounds, make sure they are healed or covered. Sharks can smell blood from a very long distance.

5. Avoid Night Surfing in The Rain

Night Ocean Rain

You should always avoid surfing in the rainy season. During rain, you would not be able to take advantage of moonlight. Hence, visibility might be poor. When it rains, the urban runoff increases and sends untreated trash, and other pollutants into waterways such as rivers, streams, lakes, and creeks. They will reach the ocean and contaminate the urban surf breaks located on the nearby beaches and river mouths. Because rainfall events generate significant surface water, the water pollution levels increase dramatically in a short period of time.

Night surfing can offer you the thrilling experience you are probably looking for. But always take some caution. The extreme sport of surfing at night is another level of experience. Make sure you are fully aware of the risks that are involved. As part of your planning and preparation, you should also book a surf resort which offers a good view and proximity. This will make it easier for you to enjoy surfing at night with your friends or relatives.