Finding Balance Between Surf, Work, and Travel: The 9 – 5 Surfer

Your surfing doesn’t have to be hindered by your work. Read that again. With the prevalence of remote work – which seems to be rolling like a wave across society – finding a balance between surf, work, and travel is becoming more and more possible. In this article, we instill some heartening inspiration in the hope of helping you take your surfing to new heights. Why not make this the year that you strike the perfect balance between your surf passions and your lofty career goals?

A Wave of Surf-Obsessed Remote Workers

It seems like everyone is riding the wave of digital nomadism, but more specifically, the kind of digital nomadism that places surfing at its soul.

Just a quick Google search will bring the trend to light. Type in “digital nomads and surfing” and in no time you’ll stumble upon hundreds of articles on the topic. You’ll notice articles about “the best destinations for digital nomad surfers”, and even “how to become a digital nomad and surf your face off” – yes, really.

Meanwhile, Reddit is packed with conversations between surf-crazy remote workers who crawl out of the ocean long enough to compare notes on the best spots for surf, work, and travel.

It feels like everyone’s riding to work and surf waves! And the fact of the matter is, there are literally thousands of people out there striking a smooth balance between their surf, work, and passions for travel. Inspiring stuff, we think.

How to Strike the Work-Surf Balance

Surfing while work

Starting to dip your feet in and test the waters? Perhaps looking to launch your new life of work and surf? Your dreams of hitting up the best surf spots as a full-time remote worker have never been closer.

In fact, the great news is that in 2023 although many digital nomads are freelancers or entrepreneurs, employees with remote contracts are right there too, sharing the waves with their entrepreneur friends. Thanks to companies opening up their contracts to allow for remote work, even those with a preference for employment have a chance to live out their 9-5 surf dreams.

But more than that, the work, surfing, and travel concept has been recognized by destinations across the world, who are jumping on the trend (and we aren’t complaining). With a whole host of surf-loving companies setting up surf-related coworking spots and work and surf camps across the world, as a group we’re better catered for every day.

Surf-loving entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads, and freelancers (or anything in between), we’re here to tell you that this is your year!

Dreaming of grabbing your laptop and heading to the airport? We don’t blame you. Read on to discover four ways in which a life of work and surf is feeling more attainable and facilitated every day.

Find A Surf Co-Working/Co-Living Space

Travel journey

If you can work from anywhere, why not the beach? Those already living a life of work and travel might be familiar with the idea of co-working and co-living spaces. But are you clued up about their surfing alternatives? They exist, and they’re everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

In certain surf hotspots around the world, co-working spaces next to the beach provide surfers with optimal proximity to the water and a whole load of surf-obsessed coworkers ready to hit the waves at any time. Surfers here schedule their work around optimal surf conditions, allowing them to hit the waves during their breaks or after work hours.

Even better, you’ll also find that there are a ton of co-living spots just like this. Offering not only bedrooms and workspaces, you’ll also get access to surfboards, surf guides, and a troop of people who are just as tempted by the waves as you.

Take Part in a Surf and Work Camp

Who says the surf, work, and travel balance has to be full-time? You do you! If you’re only looking for a month of ‘work and surf’ out of your busy schedule, look no further.

Surfing journey

In destinations such as Bali, Hawaii, Morocco, Portugal, and more, surf and work camps typically provide remote workers with packages that involve more intense surf experiences. Often offering everything from co-living and working, to meals and surf lessons, everything is done for you. All you have to do is show up and partake. Surf-loving professionals – you’ve found your match.

Try a Surfcation

Obsessed with the idea of a work and surf vacation, but prefer to go solo? Just like there’s such a thing as a ‘workstation’, we’re going to go ahead and claim the term ‘surfcation’. Hear us out.

During the pandemic, the term workation began trending as we become confined to our homes. Craving a quick change of scenery, people began booking workcations in order to refresh and reset, whilst still working online. Ultimately, they were enjoying a bitesize digital nomad experience.

Surfing while vacation

On the other hand, a surfcation can be understood as all of the above but with a big splash of surfing added in. Choose a surfing haven, plan a surfing trip of a lifetime, bring your laptop, and allow the rest to fall into place.

Become a Surf Instructor

Surf instructing might not be digital, but it’s about as ‘work and surf’ as it gets. Keen surfers with a favorite surf spot or just a passion for travel are well-positioned to turn their hobby into a job.

We don’t see a downside.

In Bali, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and more, certain surf schools offer instructor courses that could see you change your career just like that. Once qualified, your certification can get you employed in various parts of the world. And the best part is, unlike remote workers, you’ll never have to leave the beach!

Now’s the Time

They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the second-best time is now. The same thing can be said for making a career change that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The era of the “9-5 surfer” is upon us – the fusion of work, surf, and travel is no longer an elusive dream but a tangible reality for countless individuals across the globe. With companies increasingly embracing remote work arrangements, even traditional employees can now live out their dreams of working from the world’s most enticing surf destinations.

It’s time to take advantage of the work-surf-travel concept that has led to the emergence of surf-related co-working spaces and camps, catering specifically to people like you!

For surf-loving entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, and everyone in between, the opportunities in 2023 are boundless. Whether you’re interested in co-working by the beach, immersing yourself in surf and work camps, embarking on a surfcation, or even becoming a surf instructor, the options are as diverse as the waves themselves.

This is the year to make your work and surf dreams a reality. Grab your laptop, ride the wave of possibility, and let the perfect work-surf balance carry you to new heights. The sea is calling, and your career doesn’t have to answer – at least not from a stuffy office cubicle.

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