Surfing for a Better Health

Surfing is an emotion. Wherever there is a wave, surfers go out and enjoy that hit of fresh air and water. Apart from the adrenaline rush, surfing has some significant benefits as well. It is good for the body & mind.

What are the Benefits of Learning to Surf?

learning to surf

In so many ways, surfing is a sport that is highly beneficial for you. Not only does it help your body and improve physical strength, but it also can help you mentally. If you are thinking of taking up surfing, here we are sharing some ways in which surfing can help to give you the needed motivation to get out to the waves.

Improving Mental Health

Improving Mental Health

There are many benefits of learning to surf for beginner surfers, including increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Have you ever conquered a big obstacle to make it out on the other side? It feels great, right? Learning how to surf can be very challenging, but it is fun as well.

Learning to surf can also help you boost your own opinion of yourself. It gives you the confidence that you can achieve any goal and overcome whatever obstacle you face. Once you see what you are capable of, you will start to feel just how fantastic you are. Surfing can do a lot of good to your mind. (Read to know How) It floods the mind with endorphins and feel-good chemicals that can help combat that down in the dumps feeling that we all get from time to time.

Coordination and Balance

Another benefit of learning to surf is that it does help to improve your coordination and balance. This is going to help you feel physically fit and strong. Surfing takes a great deal of patience, it takes a great deal of dedication, and it also takes a great deal of focus. It challenges your core strength and the ability to adjust your body so that you can be sure you are centered to prevent from falling. If you have trouble with your coordination and balance, surfing is a great sport to get into.

Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep

Learning to surf has also been found to help improve sleep. We as humans tend to sleep better when our energy from the day is expended, and we are exhausted and wiped out. That’s exactly what surfing is going to do because it’s a very intense and interactive sport. Surfing takes time, concentration, and effort and odds are that after a surf session, you are going to be wiped. We have all witnessed this principle in action with kids who play all day and then fall asleep on their way home.

Exercise has been proven to help with sleep quality and a sport like surfing is something that is going to completely wear you out and prepare you for sleep. If you are looking for a sport that is going to be fun but still helps to work out your entire body and make it easier to fall asleep and get a restful night’s sleep.

Strengthen Muscles

Still another benefit of surfing is that it is a very engaging sport. This means that every part of your body is going to be working to keep you upright on the surfboard. Your entire body is going to be fighting against the waves, the wind, the motion of the board, and more.

Sports like surfing are intense, active, and often quite challenging, but it is very well worth learning, and it can give you a great workout for the whole body. While surfing, almost all of your muscles are getting a workout. And since you have to focus, your brain is working out at the same time.

When you are standing on a surfboard riding a wave, your core is engaged, your back is engaged, your arms and legs, and every other muscle in your body is engaged to keep you upright chasing those waves. If you are a beginner, you can try these surfing stretches to impact your multiple muscle groups at once so that you can be prepared for your ride.

Burning Calories

Like any sport or activity where you move a lot, surfing does have the ability to burn a lot of calories. A relaxed surf session can burn up to 250 calories per hour. While surfing larger waves can burn up to 450 calories per hour. In contrast, surfing does not feel like a workout. So despite burning calories and engaging all your muscles, you feel relaxed and worn out. There are a few tips as well to surf without feeling tired.

This is a great sport to get into if you want to shed some pounds while strengthening your entire body and mind as well. But surfing is not a sport that you can pick up in a day or even a week if you want to be proficient. It takes time, dedication, and motivation to get up every time you fall and even if you are not good at it initially.

How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Surf?

As a loaded question, the answer does differ from person to person. You will not gain much success if you go to a public beach where other people are learning to surf. But if you are serious about learning to surf, then Hollow Tree’s Resort can offer you some perfect surf spots where you will get the best waves for what you can handle.

If you have a natural talent, you can become proficient at surfing in one or two weeks, and you can feel proud of your skills. What is really important is to have the confidence to feel great about your surfing abilities and just go out and have fun.